Board & Staff

The volunteer board of directors of Bridge of Hope Ministries sets organizational policy and priorities, secures adequate resources to support the organization’s programs, and provides fiduciary oversight for the nonprofit.

The Board includes men and women from finance, business, public health, education, communications, law, and many other facets of community life.

The staff of the Foundation, led by the executive director, are professionals with a wealth of education, training, and experience in nonprofit management.

Leadership Team

Kelli Braggs, Executive Director

Jill Schmalz, Program Director

Jason Barney, Community Health Work Manager


Shelly Morgan, Front Desk Manager

Rita Kirk, Community Nurse and CHW

Walter Bailey, Building Attendant



Debra Wiens, President

Marion Hayes III, Secretary

Robert Schmalz, Treasurer

Steele Stewart, Board Member


Mary Elliott, Stephen Smith, Kelley Webber, Meghan Baker, Steve Simpson